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Student Learning Outcomes

Summit Students will RISE

We believe a Summit Student is…….

Responsible: All Summit students will take initiative to plan and advocate for their academic, career and personal goals and needs. Students will seek out resources and accept support as needed. Students will keep their families informed about progress towards their academic goals.

Inspired: All Summit Students will strive for academic excellence. Students will demonstrate excellent attendance. Students will keep an open mind as they work in collaborations with their peers, staff and parents to achieve their academic, career and personal goals.

Socially Active: All Summit students will demonstrate sense of social responsibility and contribute to the community. Students will accept and appreciate diverse points of view as they analyze information across the curriculum.  

Engaged:  All Summit Students will be fully engaged in standards based learning across the curriculum. Students will use technology strategically to support their academic goals. Students will use academic language  throughout the instructional day. Students will analyze information effectively as they preserve in clanging situations an solve problems.